Classic Car Service

Fisher Automotive's restoration team has over 30 years of experience working on vintage vehicles and can restore or repair any problem your classic may have. Carburetors, electrical, transmission, steering, suspension, classic alignments, heating, ventilation, and sourcing parts are no problem for Fisher's restoration team. We will get you back in the driver’s seat of your vintage vehicle.


Auto Appraisals

Professional appraisals provide a thorough evaluation of your Antique, Classic Car or Trucks condition.

Appraisals are a recognized and accepted method used for a wide range of needs such as: General and Specialty Insurance Companies, Ontario Ministry of Finance (Used Vehicle Information Program, Financial Institutions, Students applying for OSAP and for Donations to Charitable Agencies (Tax Credits). It is also useful for Legal purposes such as Separation, Divorce, Estate or Business Asset determination.


Air Conditioning Service

Cruising around in your classic in comfort is a must! Our knowledge of classic car air conditioning is second to none.

We can assist you with virtually all your classic automotive air conditioning requirements. We have the knowledge and staff to source AC parts for your classic ride as well as ensure your Air Conditioning is working at its optimum.



The staff at Fisher remember a time when daily drivers had drum braking systems on the rear brakes as well as the front. Times have changed, vehicles today have disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back.

Cutting corners on brake repairs is never a good idea as they help your car remain safe and maintain its value.

Whatever, your classic braking needs are, we can service your factory system or upgrade you to disc brakes. Make the smart choice and come to Fisher Auto for all your classic’s braking needs.



The classic car team at Fisher Auto are experts at upgrading and repairing steering system components.

We thoroughly examine and repair steering problems, from tie rods to ball joints, shocks to control arm bushings, to full suspension customizations. Every component of your steering assembly and suspension is checked for worn parts.

If you want to get rid of excessive movement in your classic car, call the classic car experts at Fisher Auto.


Custom Interior

Fisher Restoration provides a wide array of interior services to our customers.

We can design, fabricate and install the material you need for your interior and convertible top needs.



Simple tune ups to full mechanical upgrades, Fisher Auto provides concise estimates, and quality assurance that exceeds our customers expectations.

In addition, the technician that completes the mechanical work assists in the development of the labor and parts estimate.


Metal Fabrication

At Fisher Auto we pride ourselves on our metal fabrication.

If your vehicle needs that poorly fitting after market panel to fit perfectly or you need a patch fabricated that is not manufactured, Fisher Auto is the place. We get the repair done with a seamless finish.



Suspension tuning is key to your vehicle riding smoothly and effortlessly around corners.

Most classic cars weren’t built with the modern suspension technology newer vehicles utilize today making these vehicles downright dangerous to drive.

The suspension in a classic car must be rebuilt to stock specifications during the restoration process, this typically involves the replacement of springs, shocks, bushings, and ball joints.

Depending on the condition of the existing suspension, a rebuild can yield a dramatic improvement in ride and handling.


Enclosed Transport Service

Fisher Auto is affiliated with car transport services that are fully bonded, licensed, and insured.

Covered car transport provides extra protection from road debris, weather, dirt, and grime as well as other transport hazards.

Fisher Auto will coordinate the shipping of your vintage, exotic, antique, or classic vehicle, with convenient door to door shipping and competitive pricing.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspection is available for Classic Cars, Hot-Rods, Muscle Cars and Customs.

We provide a comprehensive visual inspection that includes all essential mechanical and non-mechanical components of the vehicle. Multiple interior & exterior inspections that include: vehicle battery, engine components, transmission, panels, carpet, chrome, rust, and glass along with a thorough visual check.

A 3-5km road test (if permitted) to evaluate drivability & roadworthiness of the vehicle. The test drive examines engine performance and acceleration, transmission shift performance, braking, suspension and steering operation.

Restoration Service Packages


Custom Interior & Trim

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Full Restoration

For a complete breakdown of what is included in a Full Restoration click the read more button below.

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