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Located in Mississauga, our licensed technicians are trained and experienced in servicing new, used, and classic vehicles. Our fully equipped facility specializes in keeping your daily driver or classic vehicle on the road. The staff at Fisher Auto pride themselves in focusing on your wallet by giving accurate diagnostics and repairing only what needs to be repaired.


Derek - the “then & now” guy

Derek is your classic alignment guy. He will ensure your vehicle's alignment is set to factory specifications or better to suit your style of driving.

If your check engine light is flashing and your grandmother can walk faster then your car can drive. No problem, Derek can take of that too!

Derek has mastery over a wide variety of integrated skills such as electrical, fuel management, air conditioning, steering, and suspension systems.

Derek uses his skills along with the all the tools in his tool box (by the way, he has a lot of tools) to provide our customers with a repair that is indeed, second to none!


Robert - the “newer” guy

Most days you will find Robert troubleshooting problems our customers are experiencing with their daily drivers.

Once an issue has been identified, Robert will explain to the customer the needed repair(s) and why.

Robert recently graduated from Mohawk College and obtained his 310S license for an Automotive Service Technician from the Ontario College of Trades. Robert's newely aquired certification brings an enthusiasm to our shop to stay up to date with scan tool technology and electronic diagnostic procedures for today’s complex daily drivers.

Robert has 15 years experience working on Saab vehicles under the guidance of a Saab Master Technician and Saab Technician who both received their training in Sweden.


Frank - the “classic” guy

Frank is our restoration guy through and through!

Frank's knowledge of yesteryear’s carburetors, ignition systems, early vehicle emission control systems, drum braking system, torque tubes, leaf springs, vacuum actuated components, and all other dated automotive components is extensive.

Frank doesn't just source classic parts and work on vintage vehicles he is also a knowledgeable resource when it comes to buying cars of any age. If you're looking for a reliable daily driver you need to speak to Frank.He will make sure your buying experience at Fisher Automotive is a great one!

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Reasons you should choose us

We care

Fisher Automotive cares about building and then maintaining relationships with our customers. By developing ongoing relationships you can be assured hopping from shop to shop looking for excellent service and the next big deal will be a thing of the past.

Honest & Fair pricing

Our technicians are paid by the hour and not by the job. We take the time to thoroughly investigate problems, provide accurate estimates, then discuss the required repairs with you. Our professionals will fix your car right the first time.

Experienced technicians

Our technicians have over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. We care about our customers and the work we do. You & your car are in good hands!

Technology Experts

Automotive technology is constantly changing and our technicians work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry with training & certification programs. We also invest and are trained on the latest automotive scan tools available for our shop.


"Thank you so much for all of yor patience with the repair of my beat up, eleven year old Mazda. You've gone above and beyond in doing your best to satisfy me as a new customer. You've got a customer for life!!."

- Albert S.

"A good honest repair shop. Rob takes the time to explain the work required without making you feel pressured. Their pricing is reasonable and overall experience was very good. Will be returning for future work."

- MarkP2321

"You've done it again! Thank you for the excellent service and smiles. You've always got a recommendation from me!"

- Issac P.

"Great. Actually told me less was wrong than I thought.!"

- Christine Levine

"Very nice shop. Honest, fair and work done in a timely way. We'll be back and will refer to all friends."

- Marcy C.

"Had my 67 Olds at one of those "alignment shops" and upon leaving it wandered like a drunk sailor. Had an alighnent done at Fisher and the car drives like a dream - thanks guys!."

- Miko V.

"Just wanted to give you guys feedback on your customer service. You really do strive for high quality in customer service. I was hearing a noise from my car and had no idea what the problem was. When I was called about the issue your staff immediately reminded me that the ball joint was replaced 2 years ago and this was still under warranty. I couldn't believe my ears - your company could have easily just sold me the part once again. I have never been able to find a reliable auto shop that I trusted in the past. After this week's experience. I will never take my car anywhere else!!! Thank you for yor honesty and service Fisher!!!"

- Sam Vu

"A reliable honest shop to take your auto to. You can always count on the guys at Fisher auto for quality repairs."

- Mark B.

"I had a complete brake job done on my Saab at Fisher Automotive about a month ago and they did a great job. The brakes work great, my car will now stop on a dime. I have to have some other repairs done on my Saab and will be bringing it back to Fisher Automotive later this month. I would, and will be recommending Fisher Automotive to all Saab enthusiasts and my friends. "

- A Google User

"Good guys. Mechanics you can trust."

- John Clarke

"Great for SAAB..I have my car fixed there an im from montreal. Guys are friendly and knowledgeable. They will take the time to show and explain what is wrong and let you know your options. Shop is also great for tuning ...I laugh at S4's and wrx's looking at them in my rear view mirror"

- realnatty4life